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Many of my drawings are the result of a spontaneous or "stream of consciousness" methodology.  So are many of my paintings, for that matter.  I can't afford models or a large studio space, so most of what you see in my drawings and paintings (except for the "trompe l'oeil"  or "fool the eye" type art like "Sunflakes") is almost entirely culled from my mind's eye. 
 I'm sure a lot of folks think I should just gouge that danged thing out...

Dolobo drawing, fantasy art, figurative drawing, visionary drawing, graphite
Sue Real

Dolobo Drawing, figurative, graphite drawing
The Captured Moment

Dolobo Drawing, Figurative drawing, fantasy art, graphite
A Walk in the Sun


Dolobo Drawing, fantasy art, figurative drawing graphite
She' All That

Dolobo Drawing, figurative drawing, graphite
The End of Innocence


Dolobo Drawing, graphite, fantasy art, figurative drawing


Dolobo drawing, graphite, fantasy art, figurative drawing
Great Expectations

Dolobo drawing, graphite, fantasy art, figurative drawing
Ego & Id

Dolobo drawing, graphite, fantasy art figurative drawing
All in the Past



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