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Sunday, January 2, 2011

DoLoBo Baltimore Jewelry Designer and Metal Artistian Working With Ira Mency on New Jewelry Line

Not too much news here on the blog, probably because it's unofficially somewhat official (since we are announcing it here first) that DoLoBo has been very busy helping Ira Mency with a new jewelry line.  Suffice to say we can only give you hints and clues what this line may contain.

DoLoBo, uses an old school wire wrapping technique and usually works with Sterling Silver or Gold Wire.
DoLoBo's ancestral wire wrapping techniques are sold everywhere in Baltimore's art circles and now on Etsy in his DoLoBoJewelry shop.

Ira Mency is an environemtalist who likes using recycled goods in her work.

Mency's upcycled jewelry ring contains vintage buttons.
This begs the question of what these two possibly concoct?  Their last collaborated project was the fantasy fiction novel, "The Prism, Book One, Princess Nedia...." Mency was unable to be reached to comment. However, nosey neighbor Duane Kwame' Jackson-Bellfonte'  told us, "Mency probably employing the help of skilled artisan DoLoBo for a handmade pendant line. She mentioned that's what she's up to, and I know she can't wire wrap so he's probably teaching her. That's all I know."


Stay tuned.....


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